Please review and complete each section below. Once completed, your rental application will be sent to our leasing representative and you will receive an email from us to the email address provided in General Information below.

Thank you for your interest in one of our rental properties. In order to process your application we will need all application fields to be filled out, as well as all supporting documents to be submitted along with the required application fee. If your application is incomplete or the funds are not submitted, it will not be processed.

To complete this rental application, you must be prepared to provide 2 years of residential history as well as the contact information for your employer and landlord references. You will also be asked to provide information on your monthly income. As a general rule of thumb, the combined gross income (before taxes), of all adults that will live in the property, should be at least three (3) times the monthly rent amount, for the property you are applying for.

1) Income must be 3 Times the rent to qualify (Combined Gross Household Income)

2) Acceptable Landlord / Mortgage History for the last two residing addresses

3) Employed for At Least 1 Year

4) Acceptable Credit History (having more positive than negative accounts).Credit score less than 550 requires a co signer.

• No evictions within the last 7 years

• No foreclosures in the last 3 years

• No bankruptcies in the last 2 years

• No felony convictions

• We must be able to contact your previous landlords or mortgage companies. Please contact each of your listed references (landlords, employers, banks and your Mortgage Company, etc.) and authorize them to release information to us when contacted

1) Two forms of ID; one of which needs to be a State issued Driver’s License or I.D.

2) 3 Most recent Pay Stubs and 3 months Bank Statements

3) Self Employed - 2 Years Income Tax Returns (1041)

4) Pet Photo (if applicable)

• All applicants must provide us with copies of bankruptcies, judgements, SSI, child support, tax lien papers, and rental receipts if applicable

• On occasion, we may request that you provide copies of certain documents to clarify information on your application. For example: military personnel will need to provide copies of their L.E.S, self- employed applicants need to provide the summary page of their last tax return along with 6 months of personal bank statements

• In addition, provide us with the requested documents within 24 hours of submitting your application. Delays may result in you missing your chosen property or a change of your move-in date

• Allowed only in specific circumstances

• Co-Signer must fill out an application and qualify on their own, independent of the other applicants

• Co-Signer is liable under each term specified in all contracts

• Co-signers will be held responsible for the term of the lease or any extension thereof.

• $55.00 Per APPLICANT over the age of 18 including the Co-Signer. (For example, 3 adults x $55= $165). Application will NOT be considered.

• Online Application Fees to Be Paid via PayPal link.

• At office by Cash, Money Order or Cashier’s Check.

• All adults over the age of 18, to be living in the property, must complete an application form and pay the necessary fee. (See application and credit check fee receipt form).

• This fee is used to pay for the credit report, processing fees, and verification of wages and other information.

• Denials due to negative credit, rental history, etc. are non-refundable.

Pet Application Fee: $30 per pet Please copy and paste the link into another browser to get started: A disclosure must be filled out even if you don't have pet. No fee is charged for this disclosure.

A welcoming and safe environment is paramount to all our residents. To help ensure ALL our residents understand our pet and animal-related policies (No Pet and Animal Policy / Pet Policy / Animal Policy) we require EVERYONE to complete a third-party screening and review process. This process ensures we have formalized pet and animal-related policy acknowledgments and more accurate records to create greater mutual accountability. Please copy and paste the link into another browser to get started:

• Pet Deposits; For each pet there is a pet rent of $49.00 for each pet per month. All pets (2 Maximum) require a $450.00 additional security deposit is required for each pet. There is a maximum of two small to medium outside pets. There is a maximum of one small indoor pet up to 20lbs. A photo of all pets is required on submission of your application. (NO AGGRESSIVE DOGS). Pets are subject to Owner approval.

• Move-in date, rental amount, and total move-in cost (rent + security deposit of 120% rent value) is shown on the rental sheet and is non-negotiable

• Renters Insurance: Resident must supply company with renters insurance with a minimum Liability Insurance of $300,000 and three months loss of use or displacement coverage. This is required before you receive keys to the property.

• All funds (deposits and rent) must be in the form of cashier’s check or money order. We do not accept personal checks or cash.

* Each resident over the age of 18 must submit a separate rental application and pay an application fee of $55.00 per applicant.

By submitting this application, I acknowledge that I have reviewed the property and find it in acceptable condition. Also, with the understanding other applications may be submitted or in process.

* Co-signers are allowed in some situations and must submit a separate rental application, and qualify on their own, independent of the other applicants.

* Upon qualifying, the first month’s rent must be paid within 24 hrs, to secure the property. If funds are not received within 24hrs you could lose the property to a backup applicant so we ask that the funds are remitted within the 24-hour period.

There is a non-refundable charge to process your application. All adults over the age of 18, living in the property, must complete an application form and pay the necessary fee. As a friendly reminder, the FEE MUST BE SUBMITTED AT THE TIME THE APPLICATION IS SUBMITTED OR IT WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.

All properties are on a twelve (12) month lease, (unless otherwise specified)

Please note that all items highlighted in red are required for your application to be accepted by our system. Please be as thorough as possible to help expedite the application process. Thank you.




Primary Vehicle

Secondary Vehicle

Current Residence


Prior Residence

Primary Employment


Secondary Employment

Finalize and Continue Application

I understand that this is a routine application to establish credit, employment, and rental history. I also understand that this is NOT an agreement to rent and that all applications must be approved. I authorize verification of references given. I further authorize the above information to be verified, including, but not limited to, obtaining credit reports and criminal scan, and agree, that if accepted, to execute a lease for my desired property should it be available. I declare that the statements above are true and correct, and I agree that the landlord may terminate my agreement entered into in reliance on any misstatement made above.

By signing below, you agree to the above statement.

If you click the button and it does not continue, please review your application and ensure all fields marked *Req are completed.